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Class or Workshop Proposal Form

If you would like to apply for an opportunity to teach a class or workshop, please submit a written proposal outlining your idea and curriculum for a class/workshop in one of the following disciplines: visual arts, clay, drama, creative-writing, sculpture, community-public art, music, or other creative pursuits.


Classes can be a one-session class or a multi-day workshop over the course of a weekend or several weeks.

Programming generally takes place during after-school hours or after the 9-5 workday has ended. We (Holter staff) are open to weekday classes that take place out of the 3-8pm range. As you think of your possible class, take into consideration your intended audience in selecting a class time; the hours you chose can determine your available audience.

You are responsible for your concept and curriculum. We take care of the cost of supplies and provide volunteer helpers when possible. Classes are capped at 16 participants with exceptions for programming that is entirely outdoors.
You are welcome to submit to teach more than one class.
Thank you for helping make the Holter a great space to learn!

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What age group are you interested in teaching?
If your dates are not available, the museum's education team will work with you to find an alternative set of dates.
If it is a multi-day workshop, please note the length of one session.
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