Rob Leonard, Alex Camara, and Tyler Martin

Rob Leonard, Alex Camara, and Tyler Martin:


MILLIKAN GALLERY May 26th - July 23

May 26th – July 23, 2023

The branch of mathematics concerned with the study of discrete maps (or functions) is known as dynamical systems. Some maps exhibit the properties of self-similarity and mathematical chaos. Visualizations of the dynamics of these maps generate fractals.

In this series, Mathscaper has expressed the beauty of complex plane dynamics visually through machining in wood and metal, illustrating and mirroring fractals in stunning works using wood, metal, and light.  Mathscaper mirrors nature in illustrating mathematically perfect spirals that become infinitely smaller, linking chaos, art, and our understanding of infinity in this symbiotic and graceful exhibit.


Opening Reception: Friday, May 26th from 6-8 pm

Artists Talk:  6:30 pm


About the Artists:

Rob Leonard is a technology and professional services leader with a wealth of experience in product development, medical devices, consumer electronics, aerospace R&D, IoT and edge-computing, and photonics industries. He has held leadership roles in publicly traded and fast-growing privately-owned firms. His work has been recognized by organizations such as Inc 500 and Bizjournals. Rob is also a leader in digital and physical product design and development at Tactile. He is known for his passion for curiosity-driven solutions. His innovative approach to technology sales and product development has led to success in multiple industries.

Alex Camara comes from a background of leading fast-growing businesses in the technology and consumer space. Having been part of the leadership teams at Coinstar/Redbox, NCR, AudioControl and Camian Ventures, he loves the challenge and opportunity to build amazing teams, innovate across multiple technologies, and create change in the world he lives in. Alex is also a close venture collaborator with a number of leading-edge business and artistic ventures, like Tanzle, Whim W’him Contemporary Dance and Tutta Bella, alongside his love for the work he and his partners are discovering and bringing to the world at Mathscaper.

Tyler Martin is a software engineer with a passion for mathematics. I love building software that enables users to reach their fullest potential, and helping people connect with and understand mathematics. Mathscaper has enabled me to do both. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2010 with a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics. Since then I have worked at Tableau, building software that helps users see and understand their data.