Your belief in the Holter as an epicenter of art, culture, and education was evidenced by the outpouring of support during our annual giving campaign between November 9, 2023 and January 31, 2024. We take your generosity personally and in turn, would like to personally thank the following donors whose annual gifts will power us through 2024 and beyond.

$1 – $59

Sally Bogaert

Christine Ohler

Carole Massman

Sandra Runkel

Claudia Davis

Trish Stevenson

Becky Piske and Paul Pacini

Sue Belcher

Paul and Naomi Miller

Jamie Van Valkenburg

Michael Schechtman

Peter Debelius

Charles and Casi Hunter

David Maxfield

Jennifer Hill

Teresa and Herb Hastings

Rick Newby and Liz Gans

Robert Worthy

Randi Levin, LCSW

Joel Maes DDS

Lainey Taylor

Marylis Filipovich

Beverly R Magley

Lois Neal

Mary Ann George

Sharon Dimich

Susan Near

Gail Moser

Julie Flynn

Diana Hammer

Josh DeWeese

$60 – $119

Sally Bogaert

Cass Mitchell

Bonnie Bowler

Marilyn and George Gogas

Todd Harwell

Cynthia Tsai and Neil Livingstone

Molly Ryan

Carol Fah

Sue Kronenberger

Bonnie Anderson

Katherine Anderson

Andrew Page*

Meghan Peel*

Janet Hess-Herbert

Mike and Diane Evans

Pamela Attardo

Wendy Wheeler

Wanda Rumley

Sandra Adams

David Curd

Denise Pengeroth

Sunny Hill

William and Marsha Davis

James Madden

Jennifer Davis

Eleanor Hardy

Susan Askin

Banks Sauter

Celinda Lake

Kelly Cresswell

Jamie Dolan

Noreen Johnson

Elizabeth Wisner-Kinsey

Willem and Diane Volkersz

Gwynn Mundinger

Gretchen Mundinger

Alice Hecht

Guylaine Gelinas

Patricia Keilman

Robyn Kiesling*

Marita Martiniak

H. Marie Suthers

Paul Smietanka

Jennifer Jeffries

Mary Irish Johnson

Karen Fairbrother

Charles Magraw

Terry Olcott Cohea

Ann Brodsky

Jan Brown

Harlan and Bill Shropshire

Georgia Lovelady

Deborah Hansmann

Davi Nelson

Peter Held

Miranda and Michael Spaulding

Susan Epstein and Spencer Shropshire

Collette Hanson

Peter Sullivan

Barbara R. Harris

Wayne Boeck

Sharon Ditterline

Pamela Mavrolas

Scott and Becki Currey

Luise Haladay

Bev and Gene Allen

Mike and Deborah Lee

Golden Girls Antique Mall

Patricia Mazurek

Sue L Jackson

Susan Miles and Wilbur Rehmann

Jane Smilie

Chris Phelps

Kirby Lambert and Becca Kohl

Judy Hay

Elizabeth Walton

Marion and Lou Thompson

Jane Roth

Roxanne Register

Lynnette Curtis

Hugh and Karen Zackheim

Jim Reynolds and Niki Whearty

Peggy Hollow-Phelps

Neal and Mary Ruedisili

Teresa Geremia-Chart

JFB Charitable Giving Fund

$120 – $499

Beth Baker

Margaret and Sid Godolphin

Hannah Rolston

Michel Barta

Kathryn Brogan

Cheryl and Jonathan Dymit

Mike and Lisa Harvey

Kimberly Kradolfer

Jordan Conley and Justin Harvey

Ann Wilsnack and David Orndoff

Christina Del Pino

Kelli and Marc Butenko

Ethan and Molly Kohoutek

Teresa and Gordon Amsbaugh

Katie Knight and Judy Fjell

Ken Knudson

Jane Kollmeyer and Terry Chute

Jon Davant

Gregg Wheeler

Jane Madison and Jeff Van Tine

Maryann Costello

Ramsay and Jonathan Ballew

Jeff and Libby Goldes Family Foundation

Brian Moody and Cari Kimball

Donna Sue Lyon

Thomas and Kay Ellerhoff

Liz Harter

Padraic McCracken and Nisan Burbridge

Suzanne Taunt

Wendy Holton

Sarah Jaeger

Thomas Kimmell

Kathryn and John Driscoll

Shari Copenhaver

Fred and Judy Flanders

Gene and Julie Huntington

Carolyn and Thomas Laceky

Alicia Stickney and Steve Platt

Brent and Mary Rehm

Colleen Lippke

Janet Ellis and James Hansen

Robert Throssell and Carolyn Clemens

C.E. Vicki Smith

Ellen and Eric Feaver

Jaune Quick-To-See Smith

Lisa Larsen and Ray Flaherty

Heidi and Clif Youmans

Robert Caldwell

Dana Hillyer

Sarah Fenton and Randal Rake

Renee Han Kowalski and John Kowalski


Matt Cohn and Mary Ellen Holverson

Greg and Connie Johnson

Browning, Kaleczyc, Berry, & Hoven P.C.

Bill and Barbara Leaphart

Raymond Brown

Bonnie Lambert and Marshall Mayer

Sara Parker

$500 – $1,199

Sherry Meador and David Meador

Richard A. Porte and Neva Porte

Mike and Karen Stevenson

Margaret L. Woo

Donna Burgess

Sheena Wilson and John Ilgenfritz

Mark Meloy

Gold Leaf Physical Therapy, LLC

Leonard Lantz and Krista David

Rex and Judy Reike Ttee

Barry and Louise Ferst

Bill Crenshaw and Jennifer Pryor

Kellee Blom

Barbara Ridgway

Helena Art Center

Shaun and Linda Deola

The Cotter Family Charitable Fund

Eliza Frazer and Barry Hood

Connie and Ron Bergum

Cary B Lund and Susan Witte

Margaret S. Davis and Bruce Ennis

Andrea L Rankin

Don Mullin and Gladys Hiett

Keith Meyer

$1,200 – $9,999

Janet Kelly

Helen and Richard Rietz

Karen Davidson and Steve Olson

Nancy E and Alan Nicholson

Tim Speyer and Cathy Weber


AJ Holter – 206-988-6073

Bob Putsch In Memory of Poo Putsch

Susan Benedict and Scott Mainwaring