Partnerships and Outreach

Partner Organizations

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Helena Congee Club

With the arrival of Chinese New Year, the museum and Helena Congee Club don red apparel to celebrate the Lunar New Year! This is a fun-filled tradition celebrating this most important holiday in many Asian countries. Participants can join in the Dragon parade, eat traditional foods, and have artsy fun as we learn and celebrate.

Stitching the Situation

People from all over the country are invited to stitch in a collaborative act of working together while physically apart. COVID-19 profoundly affected our world. The patterns created record the past and present, making some sense and structure out of chaos and emotions, in order to communicate and preserve these narratives for the future.
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Holter Healing Arts

Holter Healing Arts

Art fosters a positive, healing environment that benefits caregivers and patients alike. Art helps patients with a vast array of challenges – chronic illnesses, mental health issues, injuries, disease, and more. For those facing challenges and trauma, art has the power to heal. Through partnerships with St. Pete's, with Rocky Mountain Development Council, ArtFeeds, and the museum itself, the Holter offers Healing Arts programming to our community.

Adventures in Cardboard

Creative mythic-outdoor play that encourages expression and exploration through fantasy role-play, constructive thinking, and hands-on crafting. Build epic cardboard creations while practicing conflict resolution and fair sportsmanship, learning how to vocalize and give/take away consent, and building self-esteem. All skills that translate later on in life and all while playing with cardboard swords!
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Stitching the Situation: Sew a Block

Stitching the Situation invites people from all over the country to stitch a block (representing one day’s data) in a collaborative act of working together while physically apart. Free with registration.
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